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Squeakee Minis

Squeakee Minis

SKU: 674 12301

She loves to play and repeat what you say! Press and hold Poppy's nose and say your message. She'll repeat your message back to you in their hilarious squeaky helium voice! Poppy Makes You Speak With A Squeak! You'll laugh when you hear your words come out of Poppy the Bunny's mouth in their hilarious helium voice! Hear Poppy The Bunny Inflate! Pretend to inflate your Mini Squeakee! Blow on her nose & you'll hear her inflate! Blow more and more, but inflate Poppy too much and youll hear her POP! Pet Poppy And She Squeaks! She's so interactive. Poppy the Bunny loves to be petted! Pat your mini balloon pet on their head and hear her squeak just like a real Balloon animal! Continue to pet her and she'll become more squeaky and excited! Collect Us All! There are lots of Squeakee Minis balloon animals to meet and make friends with!

  • Character

    Kindly indicate which squeeke minis character you would like. 

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€22.50Sale Price
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