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Hey Duggee Voice Activated Smart Duggee Soft Toy

Hey Duggee Voice Activated Smart Duggee Soft Toy

SKU: 539 2015

Interactive Smart Duggee features 3 fun modes to play with, Mode 1 is Voice activation mode. Press Duggees hand to turn on voice activation mode where he will respond to certain words. Then say Hey Duggee followed by one of the 4 featured trigger words to activate Duggee. The trigger words are music, hug, friend and badge- Duggee will respond differently to each one.Mode 2 is Question mode. Press the purple question badge and ask Duggee a question, he will answer with a variety of his signature Duggee woofs, hilarity will ensure for adults and kids alike! Duggee doesnt speak but true fans know exactly what he means!Mode 3 is Press mode. This includes lots of Hey Duggee sounds, music, woofs and phrases from the hit Cbeebies show. There are even exclusive phrases from the shows Narrator, Alexander Armstrong, that you wont hear anywhere else! Whenever Duggee talks, the plastic heart lights up with beautiful colour changing lights. Duggee has cute embroidered details and wears a fun jumper and is made from super-soft fabric so hes perfect for Duggee Hugs. Approx height 26cm.

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