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Mattel Polly Pocket Mini Play Set, Dino Expedition

Mattel Polly Pocket Mini Play Set, Dino Expedition

Dimension package:20,5 x 16,6 x 5,3 cm


The top part of the compact has a perforated paper background from which you can detach three different parts. This will reveal secret hideouts, hidden compartments and 3 random accessories (eg you get a pink accessory, someone else a purple). The Lilac micro doll can carry 2 accessories.
- Spin the eggs on the bottom of the compact to make the pterodactyl move, then Lila can ride the dino.
- Thanks to the Polly Stick technology you can place the Lila doll and her friends anywhere in the compact. Stick the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) wherever you want and place the doll on top so that it stands.
- Contents of the Lila Dino Expedition Compact: secret hideouts, hidden compartments, 3 surprise accessories (2 that the doll can wear), Lilac micro-doll and a sticker sheet.

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