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Keyboard Playmat-19 Keys Floor Piano Mat

Keyboard Playmat-19 Keys Floor Piano Mat

  •  KIDS PIANO MAT:This piano mat is a functional educational toy that combines visual, auditory, tactile and motion training. It can develop a strong body and improve the motor skills. It can also exercise while the baby is having fun
  • 🎹 MULTIFUNKTIONAL PLAYMAT:8 musical instruments:piano, violin, accordion, saxophone, vibraphone, clarinet, flute, guitar. 5 play modes: record, playback, demo, play, one key one note. 19 black and white key (Only white keys work), Adjustable volume,support multiple people to play at the same time, enhance interactivityfreely, jump out of wonderful songs
  • 🎹 BUILT-IN SONGS + RECORD/PLAYBACK:10 demo songs, help children learn to play them as well. Record & playback design, to record what kids play and playback, let children and parents enjoy played wonderful music
  • Size: 110cm x 36cm
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